Friday, December 19, 2014

More Art Ramblings and a New Quilt

Today is going to be a busy and hectic day, but I've resolved to take it easy over the holidays since there really isn't an "end" to my work over Christmas break.  Yesterday I stole some time away to work on something I've had rolling around in my mind for a while...

I sent this away for printing on fabric and this is an experiment (like 90% of my projects) so hopefully the fabric I ordered will be soft enough for quilting.  I really think I have some form of ADD.  My Dad laughs when I say this but I really struggle to push through a project of my own.  I don't so much have a hard time with client quilts - but when it comes to my own work it's always getting set aside.  Many of my quilts take years to make - and I need some quick gratification.  Not that this will be an easy piece by any means...for me it's very much improvisational so I really have no idea where I'm headed but I certainly feel relieved to get a little bit of creativity out!

I ordered a test swatch so these photos will be small - but I have no idea what the photo quality will be either so it will be a wait and see kind of thing.  Fingers crossed.  :)  I have some ideas for background and while this is not the layout, it is (a really poor photo of) the base quilt this will be appliqu├ęd onto.

The green is going to be incorporated somehow but not in this large of a section.  I just want to pull some green out of the photo into the quilt - but again, I'll have to wait and see when the photo arrives if the green is even the right shade.  The traditional quilter in me is going crazy over those mismatched stripes and I'll have to do some fiddling so I can stand to look at them.  These will sit here until I figure out what I'm going to do with them - because honestly this is my starting point but I really have no idea.  I know I want to play with geometric quilting and am really feeling pop art right now.

Here's a shot below of my tight space back here - hence the poor picture!  With my growing baby belly I literally have inches between me and the wall!  LOL

This all developed from the rainbow selection I pulled out and showed off last post - as you can see NO RAINBOWS!  See how that works for me?  My ideas change day to day and rarely do I complete the "plan".  :)

Linking up with Nina today for Off the Wall Friday as I haven't participated in a while.  :)  I have SO MUCH TO do today so I really need to get going!!!!  :)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Update: What's Been Going on in the Smith Kingdom :)

My report is going to be kind of random and boring today.  I did finish Cindy's quilt which I will be trimming and boxing up to be sent home today.  Here's a quick shot I took for Facebook...

I always love all over feathers on a scrappy quilt like this and she sent the prettiest backing that will really show off the quilting too.  Bonus!  :)

Other than that we've had a string of sickness in the house, that achy shaky flu has hit and hit the local schools even harder.  My middle daughter came home yesterday with a fever of 101 and is still trying to kick a high fever this morning so another day of nursing and caring for her.  Hopefully she feels better by tomorrow and we don't have to go into the Dr.

I'm working on a project with some pretty batiks - some of which my kind friend Marci sent me.  I don't really have time or a need to start a project right now but it was fun playing in the fabric yesterday.  :)

Trying to gear up for Christmas but I just can't seem to get into it this year.  I think because I'm so busy and backed up with work.  My tree is up, the lights are on but nothing else!  I have wrapped presents ready to go under it even but it's not quite ready!  LOL  I will get there - apparently Christmas comes and goes whether you're ready for it or not!

I hope all is well with my friends in blogland!  I'm hoping to sneak in some time to visit you all and see what you've been up to soon!  :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

New Pantograph's Available - Cloisonne and Oblique - and a SALE!

Look what is now available over on Urban Elementz website!  Cloisonne and Oblique!


Pssst...they are having a big 20% off of EVERYTHING sale right now!  :)  (Sale runs December 8th - 15th!)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Monica's Christmas Quilt

I finally finished Monica's 12 Days of Christmas quilt!

I am so happy with how it turned out!  Next on the frame is Cindy's scrappy BOM!  :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Monica's Crazy Stitched Cross - Finished!

Well - if you follow me on Facebook then you know that while my long arm motor is running beautifully, the belt snapped!  Gah!  I think it's just one of those times - you know where everything goes hay wire?  Ahh!  Well, luckily I have very little left on the Christmas quilt and while I wait for a belt that should be here in a day or so, I'm going to finish up the quilt on my Juki this afternoon.

I had to walk away and look at something else for a bit so I finished this little quilt of Monica's this morning.  I think it turned out so pretty!  I still need to remove the blue markings but other than that it is finished...

Will be back hopefully this afternoon or this evening with photos of the Christmas quilt!  :)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

R.I.P. - How I Murdered My Long Arm Motor

Many tears of frustration and anger have been cried over the last week - my quick fix that had my machine down for over a week soon turned into a nightmare - when I broke it!  Opening up my motor to check on an issue resulted in my accidentally snapping the main power supply.  Oops.  This was a day I was really happy to be my own boss...but also really sad to be too because it was my own $300 that had to be spent to replace that motor.


The good news?  Eunice the long arm is up and running!!!  Thank goodness, I was really in a panic for a few days there!  I'm so impressed with APQS and how quickly they got that motor out to me - especially since I had the free shipping (which usually  means - SLOW shipping) and it was the week of Thanksgiving.  I didn't however realize the motor wouldn't be ready to install right out of the box - so that set me back about half a day, but I did get it installed and quilted for several hours yesterday without issue so I think *thank goodness* the problem is solved.

My new super awesome RUNNING motor.  :)
I am so grateful for those who have quilts here who have been extremely patient with me!  I will be working extra long hours and all quilts currently in house will be finished by the end of the week.  Barring no further issues with Eunice - since she now has a brand new motor the hopes are that she will be running well for another decade and a half - and I will be quilting up a storm this week.

In other news - since little machine quilting has been going on due to my down machine -I did pull out this quilt...

...and have been working on the finishing details.  It has a few trouble areas that I want to correct before showing it anywhere.  The biggest being that bias tape around the edge that I should have ripped off and reattached.  Since I didn't...I had to think of a way to improve the wonky stitches...I had planned to either add cording or piping of some sort around it when I designed the quilt...but instead I have been adding seed beads....boy are they doing the trick!  I don't know if I'll get it completely perfect and flawless ...but at least to where I can stand to look at it!

I love that the seed beads add a pretty sparkle and really add to the character of the quilt...if you click on the bottom photo of that bias tape edge you can see where the beading stops - and what an improvement they make to evening out the lines.

I am going to try to get this quilt finished for Lake Farm Park Quilts 2015 in Kirtland, Ohio - our local show that I have yet to enter...but if I cannot get it ready in time for the deadline I'll shoot for the NQA show in Columbus, Ohio.

Happy quilting all - and many more photos to come now that I can actually QUILT again!!  :)  I hope all who are in the States reading had a wonderful Thanksgiving!