Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Pantograph Designs

Look what's now available at Urban Elementz!



Flitter and Rhythm!  Aren't they delicious!!!?!!!  I am so excited about both of these!  :)  Flitter is so happy and makes me think spring (in all this snow!) and I love the texture and movement of Rhythm.  These are going to be a lot of fun to use!

Finishing up a few client quilts this week - boy do I have the BEST folks to quilt for.  I am at a standstill waiting for a part for my machine...nothing big, but just waiting for the post man to bring it here.  Hoping it arrives today.  After Monica and Cindy's quilts I'll be quilting Vogue on this cute little minkee (minky?) backed baby quilt that will soon be available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

Keep warm!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Few More In Progress

 I am just having such a good time with this one that I thought I'd share a few more photos of the progress.  I've moved along farther down in the quilt but the appliqué is finished in this one and it looks so nice.  :)  Next photos of the finished quilt! ;)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Monica's Christmas Quilt in Progress

It sure is feeling like the holidays around here!  Our light dusting of 1 to maybe 3 inches turned into about 8 yesterday...and another 6-9 is predicted for this evening.  Wheew!  I would say it's going to be a good weekend for quilting.  :)

Just a few in progress shots of Monica's Christmas quilt.  A quick shower, some hot cocoa...and back to work.  :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Santa Baby! Another of Monica's Beauties

I have been so down and out with morning sickness (all day sickness) the past few weeks that it feels AMAZING to be working again.  I couldn't even sit for long periods of time at one point without getting nauseated.  Like clockwork I'm moving into the second trimester and morning sickness is starting to disappear.  THANK GOODNESS!  I don't know how much  more I could take!  :)

A bit later than planned but still within the time frame I allotted myself, I finished Monica's Santa wall hanging.  Today I load up a larger Christmas quilt she sent me and I'm all sorts of motivated as the tree is up and lit and the Christmas music is playing.

I used Glide in sand on Santa's hat brim and cuffs...just enough color but not overwhelming.

Again I tried to give Santa a happy face but one with character and a little age....all that's missing is a bit of rose color in his cheeks!

Santa's boots received a similar quilting design as the background - holly leaves and swirls.

These triangles in the border were a little tricky but I got them done!  I think they are half square triangles cut in the traditional matter with the bias on the outer proved to be a real stinker when trying to baste this quilt and keeping the lines straight.  I think we did alright!  :)

Pictures in the next day or so of the rest of Monica's quilts.  I'm on a roll!  :)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

One More in Progress and Thoughts on Working in Series

Thank you so much to those who had such positive encouraging comments on my last post.  Because I'm treading what are new waters for me, it is really great to get such positive feedback.

Being the thinker I am I have had many long conversations over the past few days and spent much time contemplating my interests and direction with my current quilt and future quilts.  For such a long time I've wanted to explore painting on quilts - but from a different perspective than how I normally look at quilts.  I absolutely adore the entire quilting process, but now I think I want to spend some time focusing on creating compositions.  A quilting friend brought up something that I've thought about over the years but never really understood - working in a series.  I never planned to sell my work and I had kind of seen creating quilts or paintings in a series as a marketing ploy - and a boring one at that!  I cannot tell you how many times my Dad and I have said - "but I don't want to make more than one!"  Mostly because we want to be inspired and not become bored.  But now - I have to say - I'm changing my tune a bit.  I can see how working in a series can benefit an artist in more ways than just attempting to sell or show in a gallery setting.  I can also see the potential to take an idea and expound on it.  Improve it and grow with turn improving skill.  I see now how it can really help to organize your work when sharing it with others as well.  So what am I getting at?  LOL  I think you've guessed it - I'm going to make an attempt to create a series and see how that goes for a while.

Right now I'm enjoying these sort of cartoonish modern folk art style paintings.  I'm excited to add texture and interest as I go along.  Here are some close ups of the shading I've added in the water.

I am really itching to get to the quilting on this.  There is'n't much left to do at this point as I'm waiting for my Angelina Film to arrive in the mail and my Shiva Paintstiks.  I haven't decided if I want to add paint before or after quilting...but I'm kind of leaning towards after.  I'm pretty sure I want this to be quilted with a lofty layered batt - I want almost a sculpted clay or engraved look to the quilting.  We'll see how that goes!

The only part I'm not too keen on at the moment is the dragonfly.  It's not symmetrical to the point that it bothers me - and the colors just aren't right.  I thought about repainting but I don't want to build up so much paint that the quilt becomes difficult to stitch through.  So, I suppose I'm hoping that my Angelina Film will work wonders for me!  Maybe layering Angelina Film with tulle or something else and fusing them together to create wings.  We'll see - I'm pretty confident it's going to be loads of fun!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Thoughts, branching out, experimenting. :)

Today is my friend Nina's Off the Wall Friday - I haven't participated in a while so I thought I'd join in this week.  I have been in a strange place with my artwork over the last year or so, but things are starting to make more sense to me these days.

For a while I wasn't sure if the "artist" part of me was separate from the "quilter" part of me...and I did attempt to pull them apart and see if one might take on more of a life than the other.  Am I more of an artist than a quilter?  More of a quilter than an artist?  That might not make sense to some...but for the longest time I couldn't fathom how to connect the two.  Which one should I dedicate myself to and explore?  I liken it to how a Mother has her own identity outside of mothering...but mothering is so life consuming it can be difficult to maintain who you are outside of that major life role.

So what I have come to realize, while profound to me and maybe a little over thought to others - is that I am both a mother, a quilter, and an artist.  :)  Quilting is such a joy for me.  I thoroughly love it.  It has also allowed me the income I didn't have before to explore my artwork more and experiment with different mediums.  They go hand in hand...each helps me improve the other.  How's that for coming full circle?  Well - it was a big deal to ME.  :)

So my big life changing realization?  I can love and enjoy both and they do not need to be kept on separate shelves of my life...because they both are part of what make up who I am!  They both are extremely useful to the other.

I realize that a lot of this self reflection is really just part of growing as a person.  I mean - I am almost 34 so I am no child at this point, but I really think we all continue to grow as life goes on.  We are always learning and always growing and life becomes more full and rich the older I get.

So what has been going on creatively as a result of all this self reflection?!!  :)  A lot!  I have one of Monica's quilts loaded up and almost complete so I will share photos of that next post...but regarding my own works I feel like I've really plowed through a brick wall that was keeping me from enjoying myself.

I recently ordered a set of Derwent Inktense pencils...and let me say - I AM IN LOVE!!!  If you remember some time back I experimented with airbrush painting on fabric.  This was when I was seriously obsessed with Susan Shie's work and all of her bright colors...and all of the emotions her artwork brings up that remind me of my childhood.  She's definitely got that hippie spirit...and the way she incorporates her thoughts on the world and the political world...well it reminds me of my parents and my family!  Endless conversations growing up about God and the Universe and all the strange things that happen in the world.  I still love Susan's work and discovering her was a turning point for me (it's like great song lyrics that change your outlook on life)...she inspired me to really look at things differently.  Look at myself and what I'm doing differently.  Isn't it amazing that you can do something like that for someone else without even knowing it?  You just never know how you might be influencing others in life...

In any case airbrushing is terribly fun and I really loved that the fabric stays soft after painting and can easily be sewn through.  It is probably my favorite way to apply paint to fabric...but because space in my home is limited...airbrushing is going to have to be a summer time event as there is no where safe in my home to do it during the colder months.  I even contemplated converting one of our outdoor barns into an airbrush studio...and that still may happen but you know - I'm busy having babies and stuff like that right now.  :)

So I hemmed and hawed about what I wanted to try and finally broke down and purchased the somewhat pricey inktense pencils and fabric medium to go with them...well boy did that just open up a new door for me!  You know all the possibilities that start to run through your mind when you purchase new art or craft supplies??!!  I really don't know what took me so long!!!

The plan for the above painting on muslin is to quilt and embellish it.  I ordered some Angelina Film (a.k.a. Textiva Film) to experiment with and I'm going to give Shiva Paintstiks another go.  I have a handful of them in muted earth tones but I thought I'd try the iridescent paints so I ordered a tropical pack. Oh how I love the anticipation of waiting for an order to arrive in the mail!

I feel like I am on the tip of something that I am really going to love and have fun with.  If you know me you know I really love bright colors and loudness.  I like happy pictures with elements that my children have fun pointing at and naming off.  :)

I am very intimidated by the art world I'll be honest.  I have several very serious artist friends whose lives are so very different from my own.  I really don't know if I will ever have a place in that world...but I sure do like to watch and learn.  I think that intimidation has really stifled me from playing and exploring and just doing what makes me happy...and let me just tell you...never think that your parents will stop teaching you.  My Dad has given me the best advice as of late.  You have to at some point LET GO.  Care less what others think...or might think...or might laugh at...or don't take seriously...and just do what makes your heart sing.  :)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Wall Hanging and Modern Pinwheels in Houston

It is hard to believe it is the day before Halloween already!  Where has the time gone?  Well - at least I was able to finish this wall hanging of Monica's before technically it's right on time!

I think that since it's been a few weeks since I have touched my long arm I really got into this one!  There were so many neat little shapes and spaces to play in so I had fun.  Monica is always really fun to quilt for because not only does she send me really cute quilts, she gives me a lot of design freedom and that is the BEST!

I don't know why that shirt screamed pinstripes to me!  I thought all of the different textures really bring this witchy gal to life.

I wanted to do something in the face that gave the idea of a wrinkled face...but nothing too scary because this witch is cute!  I think the kind of cheek/chin swirls really worked well.

This triangular border was my favorite to work on!  The quilting design is very geometric and Judy Madsen/Green Fairy inspired!  She does wonderful things with filling negative space with simple lines and fills.  What an inspiration to the quilting world she is.

I was going for sort of Victorian witch shoes with those swirls in the top of the shoe!

Even the back turned out pretty neat!

I took this off the frame to photograph but will load it back up as the same hunk of backing will be used for the Christmas wall hanging - up next!

I also wanted to quickly share a photo that my friend Mabel from Connected Threadz shared with me!  She is meeting with a group of the gals from CT in Houston and was kind enough to think of me and take a photograph of my quilt Modern Pinwheels hanging in the Meander Publishing booth!  That just meant the world to me and she took such a fantastic photo to boot!  It is SUCH a huge honor that my quilt was chosen to decorate the booth - some of my most admired quilting idols are there and to have just a small representation of my work a part of such a huge event...and for one of my favorite quilting magazines!  It's a big deal!  Woohoo!

Thank you again Mabel!  If you are in Houston this week for Quilt Festival you can view the quilt in booth 202 OR in the latest issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited along with instructions!