Sunday, September 7, 2008

Here I am. :)

Wheeeeeewwww! Have you noticed, it's fall? Where did the summer go? Lol*
Well school has begun, and I have been busy with a capital B. Both of my daughters are in gymnastics this year, and it's looking as though my oldest will be in dance as well. Aside from toting them from school, and place to place, I have been trying to get my house organized, and remove the junk that has cluttered up my sewing room. I can barely walk in there! I'm not brave enough to show a picture of it though!!! Lol* I have been doing a lot of thinking about sewing. Lol* Things are just starting to get back into a routine, so maybe I'll have some time for crafting very soon. :)

Just wanted to let you all in blogland know I didn't forget you. :)


Rose said...

So good to hear from u! U have been missed but we understand how busy life can get!!
Hugs xxx

Melanie said...

I have done much thinking about sewing too!! I actually started a Turning Twenty with batiks, so finally getting back into sewing mode. Glad you hear you are doing well!

Susan said...

Darn. I was hoping for a picture that looked as bad as my mess and would encourage me. =)

Holly said...

I know, where has the summer gone. My mom said the trees look so pretty in New York. I sure do miss the seasons changing. It isn't very dramatic here in Alabama.

I can't totally relate. I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I can't seem to find time to sew either. It is driving me nuts.

Lyn said...

Hello Valerie, welcome back and hope you had some inspiration from the quilt show on my site. Regards Lyn Look forward to seeing some of your work.