Monday, October 27, 2008

Tossed Nine Patch and a WIP

Yay! My Mother & I returned yesterday afternoon from our very first quilt reatreat...what fun! The retreat was organized by a woman from the guild I attend (Hi Holly! *winks*) and she just thought of everything. It was a group of just the nicest ladies, and we had the best time. Mom and I now can't wait for next year! :) Here's my mom hard at work...note the coffee cups and diet coke!!! Bye Saturday evening we were running on fumes!

In between eating (the food and snacks were fabulous!), playing games, and lots of fun gabbing, I managed to complete this top using Eleanor Burns 'Tossed Nine-Patch' pattern...which I was told is also called 'split nine-patch' and if you'd like the pattern it can be found online for free.

It was a nice quick easy pattern and if I find time today I'm going to try and gather up fabric to make a few for Christmas gifts.

I also spent a mini-fortune - well, no, it was definitely a full sized fortune! - on Christmas prints to go with a few panels I bought, and some Christmas fabric I already have in my stash...this is as far as I made it on one of the panels.

I added the second black border and the two strip borders on each side. Hope to get the rest of the borders on before Christmas at least!


Teresa said...

Tis the season for quilt retreats! I just got back from one too and it was so much fun!

Zannah said...

Oh you lucky thing!

I went on a quilt retreat in February - and I had the BEST time - I'm going again next year.

You are so lucky that your mum came with you!!

Holly said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. I love the projects you are working on. I love penguins.

Karen said...

I have not been to a quilt retreat in a long time. Everyone I have ever been to has been loads of fun! Looks like you & Mom had plenty of good fun and enjoyment.