Friday, February 20, 2009

Harvest Pinwheels: Borders

For this quilt I used a 3" wide green inner border, and a 5" wide outer purple border.

After sewing your blocks together into a top, iron your top nice and flat, and measure through the center of the quilt (as opposed to placing the ruler on an outside edge to measure - sometimes the outside edges stretch and cause you to add a little more than you need), the width and length of the top.

Your top at this point should measure 48.5" x 60.5". You will need to cut 2 border strips measuring 3.5" x 60.5". In my case, for both sides, I cut two strips of 40" wide fabric, from selvege to selvege, then pieced them together to make one long 3.5" x 80" strip. Then I cut it down to 60.5", and put leftover green in my scrap bin. Sew a border to the longest sides of your top.

Your top should now measure, with the two longest sides bordered, 54.5" x 60.5".

Next, you'll want to cut 2 borders 3.5" x 54.5". If you are cutting your borders from a fabric piece going selvege to selvege, you may again have to piece together a piece to 54.5".

Now, your top should measure, 54.5" x 66.5".
Using the same method as you did for the green border, you'll now want to add the 5" wide purple border. Cut 2 strips, piece if necessary, to 5.5" x 66.5". Sew one strip to each long side of your top.
To finish the top, cut 2 strips, piece if necessary, to 5.5" x 64.5". Sew one strip to each shorter side of your top.
The finished size of your top should be 64.5" x 76.5", before quilting or binding.


Erica said...

Hi there, I just adore your harvest pinwheels quilt, it is looking fabulous! The tones are to die for!!

Thanks for sharing!
Cheers Erica

Wendy said...

Such a awesome looking quilt, thanks for sharing the tutorial. Great job on picking the colours.

Lilly said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. Doing the tisket a tasket project has been fun. Your harvest pinwheels quilt is fabulous. Your peicing looks wonderful. It is a real pleasure to find a young person with the love of quilting. Your mother must be very proud of you. Keep up the good work and I will be back to visit again real soon....Oh, yes. To answer your question...My daughter is doing very well. She says she feels better than she has in years. We both think she has been overmedicated for some time. She still has a few problems with her vision and can't write as well as she used to. But we will take those small things in stride and Thank God she is still with us. It really was a scary thing. Hope your Mom doesn't have any more strokes!

cq4fun said...

Looking good! You have been quilting up a storm!