Thursday, August 6, 2009

Snowball Quilt and Goin' Campin'

Guild last night was fun, I've been meeting with this super nice group of ladies for about 10 months. I missed a lot during the end of the school year/early summer because our schedules just get too crazy for me to be able to get to go off and do fun things. Normally there's just four of us, sometimes five, but the last few nights it's been a few more than that. I guess at one time it was really large, but you know I really like the small group because you can really chat and get to know each other, and it's really informal. I have been going for a little longer to a more formal group and that's a lot of fun too, as I really get the opportunity to learn from people I might never have had the chance to if I weren't there. It's neat to have a little bit of both kinds of experiences.

Last night I brought this to cut...I didn't get much done though - the only downside to meeting with a bunch of quilting gals...we can TALK! :) I did way more chatting than sewing, but did make a little progress on a snowball quilt I'm making to be a Christmas gift.
Ugh...the mess will have to wait though...we're going camping! :)

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