Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

My first post for 2010! Woohoo! ;)

Here is how it's coming along...I wish I could have found closer colors to that of my EQ picture but I think when assembled this will still be really pretty. :) Just to bring the pink down from the geese I added some pink to the compass/star. I don't really know what that star name is, I don't know if it's technically even a compass. Anyhow it looks like hot pink but it's a bit darker in person.

A couple of you mentioned that this project looks intimidating, but I wanted to share that it really only looks that way. Here's a couple assembly photos I took just to kind of break it down and show how really uncomplicated it actually is. I will show you how I created it in EQ at some point too. But here is the block I designed after printing it in EQ. Each block printed on 4 pages as it is a 16 inch block. I have no idea why I went with 16 inches. LOL* I had to cut each ring and then tape the pieces together to make the rings, but EQ gives you guides so it's really easy to do. I made four of these.

Because of the set in yellow/circular section of the star I cut templates and decided to hand piece it. I think (and hope!) the easiest way to assemble this will be to leave it in four sections and sew them together after set into whole blocks. This has worked for me in the past, but will still be an experiment. If you have ideas or suggestions I will hear them! ;)

I'm not even the neatest hand piecer either, but hand piecing can be forgiving to an extent.

Excuse my yucky sewing table needs a paint job! Now I have this! :) Can you believe that I did this in one evening while my first new york beauty block took me about four hours to make? Lol*


Pat said...

I, for one, am EXTREMELY impressed as I'd have been too scared to attempt it!!! Most gals get EQ and do some simple block and just arrange it in a setting with EQ...but not YOU!!! You go for difficult right away!

Bianca said...


I love looking at your designs, and wondered if you can machine piece, or if it is paper foundation, or hand piecing. It seems that it lends itself to hand piecing. Thank you for breaking it down, and showing us your method. This makes me want to try a New York Beauty. I was always fascinated by them, but alway shy about the curved piecing.

I love reading your blog.

A happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to you and your family.

quiltingnana said...

your block looks beautiful!!!!

Michelle said...

Happy New Year. Your block looks beautiful, nice colors. Sounds very interesting using the electric quilter, I'm not familiar with it. Maybe a new toy for 2010.

Danielle said...

Just beautiful! I love the colors, and you are really working fast with the hand piecing. I am not a hand piecer, and have admitted to the pains it causes me, LOL! Great job, looking forward to seeing it come together.

Myra said...

You are on a roll there! Looking great!