Friday, January 22, 2010

School and Seeds :)

Well, school is in full swing! First day was rough - I sat in for the entire length of the WRONG math class! UGH! I mixed up the teacher that I have the second half of the semester...whoops. Luckily I was still able to get the homework for the correct class and as it turns out there was a huge mixup with schedules and lots of people were mixed up. Everything else is difficult, as I'd expected it to be, yet still a lot of fun. I'm trying to get a head start on that anatomy class, making note cards and skipping ahead a bit. A good chunk of the students in there are taking the class for the second time around, which is a little intimidating. Ok, a LOT intimidating! I think the lab part of the class is awesome. We did a fun little experiment where we swished around some gatorade to obtain our cheek cells, then we used a solution to burst the cells and another to pull out our DNA. I had a rather nice and chunky string of DNA, whoohoo go me! LOL* The Professor told us we could suck it out and save it...she had little containers with lids and string to make a necklace...LOL**** That's when I decided I was going to like this class! LOL* I did bring mine home just to show my daughters, my youngest had no interest, but it sparked something in my oldest daughter who now is interested in learning anything she can about DNA. :) That makes me happy. :)

Haven't had any time to sew and really there is going to be twice as much studying going on this semester as last, but I did manage to get to play with seeds a little bit. I talk about my favorite gardening website a lot, Garden Web, and recently mustered up the courage to check out the seed exchange forums. Garden Web is one of those unique communities where there are a lot of really kind people there, sincere people, who've been there a long time. Of course there are a handful of boogers, but I've been tooting around on their forums for about four years and learned more about gardening from there than anywhere else. In any case a few of the traders who've been there a long time have acquired a large amount of seeds from trades, round robins, and swaps. They also have much larger gardens than I and I would say most of the seeds have come from their own gardens. Well I answered a few exchange posts, and one in particular was from a very generous lady who had an entire box of over 100 packets of seeds that she was willing to give to one person. I happened to answer first, aren't I the lucky one???!!! At first when I answered, her offer was so generous I thought for sure I must be mistaken! The seeds are from 2004 and 2005, so there is a chance some or even many of them may not germinate...but I have heard of seeds lasting 10 years or more so I'm sure there will be more than a few success in the bunch. She even sent me a few packs of 2009 seeds to be sure I got something from them. It wasn't cheap for her to send those seeds either - and ya know just when you think the world has gone to pot and all the nice peopl have vanished, someone like her pops up out of the blue. I'm so excited!!!

Here's my seed stash now...these are not all from the one woman, but most of them are! (Never mind my chipping nail polish there...I am too busy to be pretty you know!!! I'd much rather quilt or garden or STUDY than primp!!) :)

Ok, off to take little children to school. Then I have a week's worth of chores to do and as much studying and homework. :) Will post again when I get a chance to catch my next breath... ;)


Teresa said...

You have really taken on a full schedule this term and I wish you much success in your classes. The picture of your cat gave me the biggest smile...thanks for brightening up my morning.

Zlaty said...

wow 100 packets of seeds! Congrats on your win!

Have fun at your classes they sound fun!

Pat said...

WOW...if even half those seeds sprout, you will have one incredible garden!!!

julieQ said...

That is awesome and fun about the DNA necklace, how cool! I love seeds too, I am glad you were able to collect yours. It seems like the are just potential energy in a tiny packet.

Shasta said...

That class sounds like a lot of fun. I would love to see a picture of the DNA.