Thursday, January 7, 2010

Summer and Winter in Ohio

I was inspired by Sue at A Corner Garden, one of my absolute favorite garden blogs, who was inspired by another garden blogger (isn't that the way it goes?) to do a summer/winter photo post of some of my garden areas. I took all of the winter photos this morning, and the others are from June/July 2009.

I purchased some seeds to winter sow today! Got a tip from Garden Web that seed racks were out at Home Depot...and sure enough they are. I picked up some empress of india red nasturtium and some classic red poppies. I think poppies are becoming one of my favorite flowers. Next to Iris's who's blooms are short but pack such a powerful punch when they unfold.


julieQ said...

I love your now and then pictures!! It is so cold here... brrrr!!!

Orcsmom said...

I too like the now and then shots! I too cannot wait to play in the dirt!


bluebird-lyn said...

Hello Valerie, I cannot believe the snow you have....we are having a heatwave here in Oz...enjoyed your pics...hugs lyn

Luz said...

How wonderful!
In Italy, in Rome precisely, there are 12 degrees.
A hug

Shasta said...

The winter sewing sounds like an awesome idea. Will definitely have to try it. Love the spring countdown, and really enjoyed seeing your seasonal pictures.

Lise said...

Oh I so love these pictures... great idea and I'll have to remember to take lots of pictures to show next year in mid winter... and thanks,,I think I'll have to check out this Garden

quiltingnana said...

your countdown is great...and your spring pictures really put me in a good mood

Kathleen said...

I like your Spring countdown. And I like the Summer pictures so much more than the winter ones!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Valerie,
I have been busy the last few weeks helping our daughter move and clean up her old place so I can get my deposit money from the landlord. She couldn't afford the gas bill. She's in a larger place with the same amount of rent, but only has to pay for electricity. It's gas heat, so that bill should be low.

Anyway, this evening, I'm working my way down the blogs I have in my sidebar. I'm glad I made it to this post, so I can tell you thanks for the link love. I love the views in your photos, too!

Also, I had tried to find a countdown to spring widget, and couldn't find one. Now, I can click on yours to get one. Thanks!