Sunday, December 19, 2010

For the Love of Featherweights

I know that quilters aren't the only ones who adore these gorgeous little machines, but I have to say it, the featherweight 221 is my favorite machine hands down for piecing. Now keep in mind I'm still a real newbie to vintage sewing machines, and though I own four of them I still don't know all that much about them. I am a full time stay at home Mother and we are raising our family on one income, so know that you are safe to assume my modern sewing machines are affordable econically priced machines. Maybe one day when I can justify the purchase of a brand new Bernina my feelings might change...but for now, there is just nothing like sewing on my featherweight. The way it sounds, the way it sews, the feelings you get just running your fabric through can you not adore it!?! For a sixty year old machine it's still more portable than any of my modern sewing machines, how's that for an outstanding product? I have taken this machine camping, to friends houses, to shops, to classes, in every room of my own home, it goes everywhere. It costs about the same as an affordable home sewing machine might and seems to give me less hassle. Oh how I adore it!

I don't even enjoy sewing on my treadles the way I enjoy sewing on this. It's not sparkling and certainly been well loved. It could probably use a good cleaning too. But I just had to gush a little, because after months of being out of comission I finally got my featherweight up and running again and I can't wait to sew.

Oh and while I'm at it, I wanted to mention this book. To a lot of you this might be old news, but I still thought I'd share. I bought this book the same time I recieved the featherweight, and it's been a great resource. It tells you how to maintain and refurbish just about everything on your machine, even how to repaint it if you are brave enough to do so. It's called The Featherweight and I, written by Dave Mcallum. You can visit his website at He has come out with a dvd that I'm itching to get my hands on as well.

Alrighty enough gushing and on to the sewing. ;)


Karen said...

Have you seen the painted featherweights? Bright colors like red & blue. Catches your eye for sure but not something I would ever do to mine.

julieQ said...

I am so glad you are in love with the featherweight...I love mine too, and have my eye on a bright pink painted one! Yum!

Cootie Bug Connie said...

They are definitely the classic sewing machine for our age. I own a few of them too and always enjoy sewing on them. I don't use it for everyday as I also love my Bernina but I still love my FWs too.

Molly said...

A Featherweight is DEFINITELY on my wish-list...I can't wait to find one!
Yours is beautiful! :)