Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow, Bowl Fillers, a Finish, and Pinapple Quilt

Well it's beginning to look like winter around these parts! I live in NE Ohio, and right now we are being hit by the first of what will likely be just one of the many snow storms we will be hit with this winter. From now until sometime in March our front yards will all look very similar to this...

The above picture is a view of my front yard from my front stoop and the road...the house accross the street that you can just barely make out is right next to a school...which has been completely blocked out by the white out conditions from the snow!

Below is looking from my front stoop in the other direction...

I had to include a picture of my wintery snow covered garden...I promise it looks much prettier in the spring. ;)

Oh and you all know by now that I finished my wooly sheep top. Yesterday evening I quilted it, nothing special just a primitive style echo/outline quilting. It's not fancy but gives the little top some texture.

I bound it this afternoon and when I get myself motivated I will add a hanging sleeve to the back so I can put it up in the kitchen. Or not. You never can tell. ;)

Here's my lonly little block...if you remember this pinappblock from more than a year ago then you've been my bloggy friend for a very long time! Lol* I wanted to use up some of the hoards of scraps I have laying around in bins so I got started making this very scrappy pinapple quilt. The blocks are only 6 inches or so and I'm thinking the final quilt will probably have a black or ivory sashing. Who knows though, I like to think up all sorts of things but when it comes down to it, seems like I always do something totally different than what I planned. Lol*

Oh and one more thing...wanted to show you the salt dough ornaments I made! Well the girls made ornaments and I made bowl fillers. I thought they turned out awful cute. Some will go in a bag of potpurri and be given out as gifts with a jar candle...some will stay here for me to enjoy. :)

Hard to believe that these literally cost me pennies to make. A few cups of flour, a cup of salt, cut, bake, and paint. I sanded them a little to make them look worn and watered down some burnt sienna accrylic paint to age them. I got the idea from Colleen at And Baby Makes Five...she likes to dip her finished bowl fillers in wax to finish them, and I would like to give that a try sometime soon. For these I just painted them with a clear coat of accrylic paint sealer but I am not nuts about the shiny finish it gives them. Still, awfully cute, thanks for the great tutorial Colleen! ;)


Behind My Picket Fence said...

I don't care what you say - I think your garden looks lovely! In fact, it's nearly identical to mine. Thankfully we haven't done the snow storm thing yet, just snow.

Lyn said...

Hello Valerie, I love your Christmas Header....and your little quilt beautiful...I cannot imagine all the snow that you have...brrr .Hugs Lyn


The wooly sheep top is absolutely gorgeous, I love everything about this. I would love this hanging in my house. What was the pattern?