Sunday, January 2, 2011

More Thread Talk

Seems the same thread favorites keep coming up! Superior/King Tut (King Tut is made by Superior) and Aurifil along with Sulky cotton blendables. The King Tut seems a heavily recurring theme so I think I will have to place an order and try that next.
I also am a huge fan of Connecting Threads Essential Thread. They are by far the most affordable cotton thread I've found with a great selection of colors. My only complaint is they don't keep colors long enough! They no longer carry variegated threads and a lot of their thread sets are phased out to make room for new ones. I would say Coats and Clark is my second go to brand for cotton thread but the color selection isn't as impressive and they are a little more pricey. The thread itself seems a little more sturdy than the Connecting Threads to the touch, even though Connecting Threads and Coats and Clark are both 50 weight mercerized cotton thread intended for machine quilting.
I have read a lot about long arm quilters using Signature polyester cotton blends and I wonder what result one might have with this type of thread on a domestic machine?
Someone asked me in the comments from my last post why I chose rayon for quilting this quilt. My answer to that is, I didn't really go to the store intending on purchasing rayon thread, however, I am definitely up for experimenting. I understand that synthetic threads can deteriorate the cotton in your quilt over time with washing and wear, because the synthetic threads are much stronger than the cotton. My circular geese quilt will likely never be washed, so I'm excited to have an opportunity to experiment with different kinds of thread that I wouldn't normally want to use on a quilt intended for actual use. When I went to JoAnn's all the thread was 50% off and the Sulky Rayon thread offered the best variety of variegated options...I also really like how shiny the rayon thread is and am excited to see what kind of dimension and interest this will add to my finished quilt. I would certainly not choose rayon thread for a typical quilt, but I'm interested in experimenting with embellishments I haven't yet tried before in this project. I may even go the metallic route! What fun! ;)
Thank you for your input and I'd love to hear more thoughts and suggestions!


Mama Spark said...

Actually, if you go to the Superior Threads website and read Bob's Threadology you will see that he says thread type doesn't really matter and that you can use all kinds of thread with cotton fabrics without a problem. Interesting blog, thanks for sharing your information with us!

Kathy said...

I loved reading about thread options on your blog and all the comments. I am always confused on what threads to purchase! You mentioned metalics...I love to embelish with it, but once I decided to quilt with it on the bottom part of my quilt. It was a snow scene and what a disaster! It was probably me, but the thread seemed to break about every 25 to 30 stiches :( Thanks for sharing about threads!!!!!!

Kim West said...

I second what Mama Spark said about Bob's Threadology. There is also a great video from them called "Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob. It is an hour-long lecture from the Threadology course. They are coming here for a three-day course this summer (I soooo want to take the class!!!).

Kim West said...

Oh, one other thing. I also reccomend the Superior titanium needles. I thought that there was no difference in needles. If you haven't heard about I Have A Notion's needle exchange program, you can try a Superior titanium needle for free. just go to: and read how to do it.

I am not affiliated with either Superior or IHAN, but just a very satisfied customer of both!