Monday, August 8, 2011

Another Tote, and Security Blankets

I finished my Grandma's tote and am making another one but a little bit smaller...these are so much fun to make!  I love them!  I also am going through this zebra print/black and white phase, so I made a few of these baby sensory stimulating security blankets.  They have pink ruffles and are backed with minky...sooo soft!  I thought at first, "this is cute, but is baby really going to play with this?"  LET ME TELL YOU Emma LOVES it!  I was really surprised!  The black and white REALLY does get her attention, she just sits and coos at this little blankie and loves to feel it and of course, chew it.  Lol*  They are machine washable too - which is good because we already spilled half a bottle of formula on hers.  Lol*  I probably won't sell those on Etsy though, there is another lady selling similar ones and I don't want her to think I'm trying to compete with her.  I just thought I'd sell a few at local fairs and to friends and family.  I think they are so cute!  I want to make a big quilt like this...

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