Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Death of Customer Service and a Table Runner

I just had such an awful conversation with one of my favorite fabric and thread compaines...I literally was in tears over it, thinking I could possibly never order from this place again because they just treated me like I truly didn't matter.  I won't name names as of yet because they said they would take care of it, but it's someplace that I name drop like crazy and was absolutely dumbfounded at the way they spoke to me.  I have never had such an experience with this particular place, it has always up until now been really wonderful.  I really hope they do something, even just an "I'm sorry, that wasn't right on our part" would make my day at this point.  Wow.  What a crummy way to start a blog post, I know, but wheew, what ever happened to customer service?  I'm not expecting anyone to move mountains, but at least just act act a little understanding towards my complaint and maybe like you value me as a customer a little.  I will elaborate once things have fully resolved, unless they just leave me hanging and never respond to me again.  I may very well soon be professing love to a new line of thread and never looking back.  Oh what a phooey stinky day!

Here's the good part - I did get a runner done to put on Etsy.  I am SO tempted to keep this.  But Hubby's birthday is this Saturday and my daughters want these fancy light up shoes...so...on Etsy this pretty little runner goes.  :)


HOPE said...

It is VERY pretty!!

I'm working on a BED RUNNER...my first.

I agree with Customer Service...so sad nowadays. I make it a POINT to acknowledge...a GOOD customer service person with my own thank you for being so nice..SMILING etc and even write letters for them. Nowadays..they deserve the recognition!!

A company I know of has a motto from a PROBLEM that surfaced many years ago over a customer wanting ANOTHER PICKLE on their sandwich. The counter person refused and lost the customer.


it's not goig to kill you to do a little extra...like a slice of a pickle was going to cost the company! LOL I always want more pickles!!!

Sure hope the situation you have gets resolved...


HOPE said...

Thanks sooo much for leaving your ENCOURAGING comment. Much appreciated!

On my THIS IS THE DAY blog I posted about COMMENTS...SMILE.

Going over to visit your dad now...I LOVE handmade woodwork.

Happy Quilting..

Molly said...

Hey Valerie!
That stinks, I think I know which company you're talking about and that's a bummer. I love your new runner! :)

Teresa said...

The table runner and pincushion are charming. Love the fabric you chose and the quilting.