Monday, August 15, 2011

My Nightmare Quilt

This quilt I love and hate at the same time.  I'm not happy with the muslin I purchased for it and won't be using it again.  There have been several flaws and I've had to cut completely new pieces of fabric and thin spots.  Also I didn't anticipate this, my mistake really, the dark blue threads from the blocks show through the white fabric!  ARGH!  This was my fault, I knew I should have been more careful using bleached muslin like this, so this one is going to be for sale, but as a "slightly imperfect" quilt.  I think it will still be quite beautiful and will still keep someone warm.  But still, what a pain in the patoot!  I sold another tote to a friend so I'm just waiting to get paid and then I'll buy some white thread to quilt this...the Coats and Clark thread I have for some reason my machine hates.  It always twists up and breaks when I try to free motion with it.

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Pat said...

In the pictures, your quilt looks very nice. But..I know from experience, when we have troubles with a quilt, it continues to bother us and we are never happy with it. I'm sure it will be well-loved by whoever ends up with it, though.