Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quilt Inspiration

I get really hung up on a quilt sometimes when I see it.  I took about a dozen pictures of this one at the quilt show this year at Lake Metroparks in Kirtland, Ohio.  The quilting in it was AMAZING.  I particularly love this anchor.  My in-laws are boaters, so while the boat itself scares me to death and you won't find me out on the lake EVER, I just love anything nautical themed.

I HAVE to try and do this kind of quilting!

While this incredible quilt didn't win any awards in the pictorial competition it was entered into, it DID win viewers choice...and I must say I voted for it!!!  ;)


Lyn said...

Hello Valerie, I too an fascinated with the all over quilting....enjoyed your pics...DH and I have sailed for many years...Hugs Lyn

Pat said...

The quilting on that quilt is absolutely amazing. Thank you for showing this to us! (I'd have voted for this one, too!)

HOPE said...

A GORGEOUS QUILT...the quilting is superb! WOW what detail...

love it!