Saturday, September 3, 2011

It Feels Like July and Another Table Topper

WOW is it hot tonight.  Well, this morning -  it's about 6am right now.  My lil' booger is supposed to be sleeping but has discovered her little voice instead!  LOL*  She's in her bassinet creating a little baby symphony of cute!  But they will be even cuter once I've had my coffee!  Lol*  UGH.  This heat is getting to me.

I made another little table topper yesterday.  I really love this and am SO tempted to keep it...but I'm saving up for something special so...goodbye little quilt and hello Etsy.  It was really fun to quilt though.  I keep telling myself, if I can do ALL of this on my little Simplicity Quilter's Classic...just imagine what I could do with a Bernina or better yet...a LONGARM!!!  Oh to dream.  ;)  Some day I will have my long arm.  I think it would make feathers SO much more fun and versatile for my quilts...right now the most frustrating thing about the feathers is I can only make them so big and once I go beyond that they start to look wobbly and distorted because I have to stop and get another grip on the quilt to move it under the needle. 

Oh look, I just noticed my TOE is in that picture!!!  LOL*  I was trying not to do that!  Way to be professional Valerie!  LOL*  Oh well, I'm not going back to take new pictures, so my toe will just have to stay in there.  LOL*

It seems really slow around blogland, is it just me?  There are a few of us quilting up a storm but it's kind of been a lull on the reader.  Is everyone too hot still to quilt?

**Next post will be a little tutorial on how to make that pinwheel block.  ;)

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Kimberly said...

Ok, this is gorgeous... another winner! You've really been quilting up a storm! Keep 'em coming!