Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Thread Experimentation and Giveaway Winner

Inspired by a few amazing quilt artists blogs (Patsy Thompson, MarveLes Art Studios, and Ferret Fabricates to be exact) I have been glued to the sewing maching playing again with thread and quilting.

Wish these pictures could be better and show the true colors of this little project.  The thread is much more vivid in person.    I goofed up on my feather and where I turned the feather I had planned on ending and beginning a new feather, but instead ended up with this sort of wonky change in direction.  The first part of the feather I am in love with though.

I think this would be the perfect little project to experiment with bobbin work.  I have heard so much about Ricky Tims line of thread, Razzle Dazzle (Superior Threads), and I think I will place an order and try it out.  I am really liking the shade called icicles.  It is described as "white" and "pearlescent"...sounds like it would work wonderfully with the swirls I have already quilted into this with dark purple thread.

Here is what I used so far...three inexpensive poly trilobal embroidery threads from Coats & Clark, and Dritz invisible monofiliment in the bobbin (for all three colors).  I had a lot of skipped stitches and just plain wierd things happening when I began using the poly thread...I don't know if it's thread weight or my machine or what, but I started using the monofiliment and I haven't had any of those problems.  I am very good about changing my needle and use a size 14 sharp needle so I don't think that was the issue.  In any case unless I really need the underside to be as colorful as the front I like the way things went much better with this combiniation.


Well, I didn't reach my goal of 100 comments (or ANYWHERE near it LOL*) but hey, who can complain about 26!  LOL*  That's 26 times you took out of your busy schedules to pay me a little attention and participate, so for that I thank you all very much.  ;)  I also really appreciate all of your thoughtful and encouraging really cannot know how truly motivating and inspiring they are!

The winner for a free copy of my very first lil' pattern, Spring Blooms, is Marj from Eclectic Quilter!  Thank you Marj for participating!  I hope when you make your lil' quilt you will share a picture with us.  ;)


gill said...

Congratulations Marj!!

Superior Threads said...

Valeria, what a great job you're doing. The skipped stitches could be cause by a bad needle, the quilt is stretched too tight or the timing is off. I'm happy you found a solution with the invisible thread.

HOPE said...

CONGRATS TO THE WINNER...though I'm's okay. I'm stll HAPPY for you! SMILE

GREAT free motion...I LOVE have me thinking now...that perhaps..NO, I know..I NEED to just practise, Practise and practise..

What fun to accomplish such lovely work..

thank you sooo much for the thread information..I really need to look into better threads..and confused about which ones..etc.


Marj said...

I am so happy to be the winner of your pattern! I am thinking of using it on a bag or purse.