Friday, September 16, 2011

Tea for Two Placemat and Runner Set...and Some Doodling

This little tea for two placemat and runner set I am pleased to say immediately generated a lot of interest on Etsy!  What a good feeling!  I love how the back turned out...the light colored thread against the bleached white muslin really shows of the quilting.

I spent some time (probably a little too much time) blog hopping yesterday.  While I love my quilts, once in a while I like to dabble in other arts as well.  I love oil painting, pastels, charcoals, knitting, crochet, soap molding, mixed media a matter of fact my Husband said I change hobbies everytime the wind blows.  I like that about myself though.  :)  I have a LOT of interests.  The way I see it, life is so fun, there are SO MANY things I want to do!  Sometimes, even at 30, knowing I have quite a lot of life left to live (if God would be so kind to allow me to live a long life), I still feel in a hurry to jam all the arts and crafts into my schedule as possible.  Partly because I get lost when I'm being artsy fartsy and lose track of time, but partly because I know that I will never get to do everything.  But darn it, I'm gonna try!

So anyhow, my fascination with art quilts led me to an amazing doodling blog...and looking at all the delicious and inspiring art work I thought...I can do that!  Maybe not as well, as the artist is a professional, but I certainly could have a fun time playing and making it my own.

So I started with a little doodle...

...that became a sort of tiny painting...

...that became this...

My very supportive Husband came home and saw my little doodle, and immediately said, "Nice, but what are you going to DO with that?!"  LOL*  Thanks Husband!  I don't know yet...I think it might make an awfully cute handmade card.  I made a little pumpkin too and a few other doodads.  Boy is it fun to play.  :)

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HOPE said...

It is FUN...very cute CARD!!

or magnet...or tag on a gift...or framed.

I have a friend that I think I will bribe into a swap..I'll teach her daughter how to sew..IF she will teach me to paint better or watercolor!!!

You are like me...everything is a adventure..self taught but makes a fun challenge. Not perfect..but who knows but us!! hee hee

Happy CRAFTING...mine this week is looking over rooms to re-do after my friend has me over to help her...oh dear..