Friday, September 2, 2011

That's a Whole Lotta Pinwheels.

I finally finished Emma's pinwheel quilt top.  If you attempt to make one of these, let me make a suggestion.  Don't use a psychotic amount of pinwheels as I did here.  This is supposed to be a baby quilt for my four month old daughter...without backing, batting, or any kind of quilting whatsever, this little quilt would probably smother her!  LOL*  I am thinking I'm going to back it with minkie and leave out the batting alltogether.  I will do something VERY simple for the quilting, just to keep it from shifting when washing.  For now I think it will just be a throw for her to lay on, play with, and to put over the side of her crib...but I don't think I'm going to put it over her unless it's like, -20 degrees outside.  LOL*  Lesson learned.  ;)  Sometimes more is just...MORE. 

It still turned out kinda neat didn't it?  Can't you just imagine a little baby who's just learned to sit on their own and touch and feel playing with all those little folds and shapes?  I think this will be such a great little blankie for playing on. 

If any of you would like me to I can do a little tutorial on how to make this block.  I know when I first started the quilt a lot of you asked for patterns and instructions.  :)


Teresa said...

Me me..I would like a tutorial. Love the quilt!

Superior Threads said...

What a great quilt. I agree, little fingers and toes are going to love it.


Kristi said...

very cute....lots to play with on it.