Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sewing Machine Down. :(

All these sewing machines, and don't ya know it, the one that I use for all of my quilting is down and out!!!  I took it in yesterday after I bought my THIRD pack of needles to try and remedy the skipped stitch problem I've been having for some time.  I had thought it was the polyester, and the monofilament, but when I switched back to my normal recipe of size 14 quilting sharps with 50 wt. cotton thread, I still had skipped stitches and this time worse than ever.  Here's a picture of what was happening...

I have quilted several big projects on that machine with no issues, but now all of a sudden this is what my stiching looks like.  They suspect it could be the timing going because my thread has all of a sudden begun to break with brand new fresh needles in place.  Argh.  How frustrating.  I don't even know what to do with myself without  my sewing machine.  I can piece my heart out, but it's the quilting that I need to get done!  He says hopefully a week...oh I hope it's sooner!


Kimberly said...

Oh Nooo! I'd be lost too without my machine! Is the weather nice out your way... maybe a pumpkin patch or apple orchard will cheer you up (and keep you busy)

Have a great one and I hope things are feeling better soon!

MQuilter said...

I found that spray basting can cause skipped stitching and thread breaking in quilting. IF you use the spray baste you may also want to consider that as the problem and not your machine.