Saturday, October 1, 2011

Up Late on a Saturday Night

It's official.  My "partying" days are over.  Lol*  I don't know if it has anything to do with turning 30, but it's 12:30 am, technically on a Sunday, and I haven't the least bit of interest in being out and about.  Does this mean I'm a real grown up now?  LOL*  Sometimes it hardly feels like it.

Anyhow, today was a  nice lazy day indoors.  Rainy, cold, and yucky outside, so we spent the day together as a family.  We had a nice pancake breakfast, and stromboli for dinner - everyone's favorite dish.  It was such a nice day.  I had to run out earlier just by myself, (a rare treat!), to pick up some batting and on a whim decided to stop by my parents on the way home.  I cannot wait to post about it, my parents had been out shopping earlier that day and picked up a little old toy sewing machine for me!!!  I have always wanted to collect them but they are so hard to come by ... and when you do come accross one, lovely as they are, they are often out of my stay at home Mom budget.  My camera battery just died on me though so no pictures tonight.  PHOOEY!  I so wanted to show it off.  :)  Hopefully next post...

So this is what I've been up late working on...

I've actually had this log cabin top sitting in my UFO pile for quite some time, and I knew it would be a beauty once it was quilted.  That's the amazing thing about the quilting in particular about making a quilt...the design you choose can take an "ok" top and make it a showstopper.  Those little details, they are huge, and it makes such a difference.  It's so fun watching the transformation from scraps to an elegant heirloom quilt.

I am having so much fun with my feathers.  Lol*  Aren't they pretty?  I love them combined with scrappy patchwork.  Feathers are so elegant and fancy, it's almost like wearing pearls and jeans...but it looks so good!!!  Hoping to have this quilt in my shop by Monday.


HOPE said...

Gorgeous!! I have yet to make a log cabin! Shame on me! That should be a firsty in Quilt making! Your feathers are awesome! Hey i did send you a huge Thank You didn't I? I hope I did! I' ve been busy and hope senior moments haven't crept in! AARGH! Thank you for your sweet friendship!! Can' t wait to see the prize little sewing machine!

Happy Fall Days!


merrily row said...

Firstly, age has nothing to do with being grown-up. I refer to my husband often as my own personal eitht year old.

Secondly, your feathers are beyond gorgeous. You must be so proud and a very autumn appearing quilt.

I read you often and never comment, I will try to do more in the future. Please keep up the great posts.

Mary said...

The feathers do look wonderful and log cabin quilts are a favorite of mine.