Monday, October 10, 2011

Vintage Attachments

My new sewing machine has inspired me to dig out all the old boxes of machine attachments I have had around the house for years...

...but first, a few tidbits I have learned about my new Singer 301a...they are a slant needle machine and they take a slant shank attachment.  I don't have a single one either except for the foot that came with it!  An excuse to shop...  I dated my machine and it was made in 1956 in Anderson, South Carolina.  How awesome is that!?  It was one of the last 301a's made.  I also learned it is a short bed version - the 301a's apparently only come in shortbed version.  The 301's are the same machine, but made at a different plant, and they come in short or long bed form.  Also - a neat sidenote, the bobbin casing for the 301a fits featherweights.  They alone sell for $30-$35.  I thought that was pretty neat.  :)

So attachments...

Here are a few pictures of some of the goodies I have been collecting over the years. I know I have a matter of fact after I took these pictures I found another box in a cabinet.

Most of the ones that are in this box fit my featherweight.  I don't know if they are all original to the box or not though.

Some of these fit and some of these don't.  The bobbins work in my featherweight and 301a and that makes me happy!  I don't know what the lightbulbs will fit.  I have another vintage Singer in a cabinet but I have no idea what model it is.  I oughtta go check tomorrow morning and see if it takes those bulbs.

These are my treadle parts.  I was informed some of these go to a Singer Treadle, which I have, but they were found in the drawers of my Sears and Roebuck Treadle.  They are a little rusty, but nothing that will rub off on clothing.  I think most of them are still usable.

Here's a shot of the front of the box.  Isn't it pretty?  Once you get into late 1800's early 1900's the writing and designs on things are just so pretty.  Check out the skeleton key too!  No idea what that goes to, doesn't work on the sewing machine drawers.

This is my buttonholer, and it also fits on my featherweight.  I'm itching to try this out.  I really want to play with it tomorrow if I can find sometime.  :)

Well, I'm exhausted from the day, and I didn't even get any sewing time in!  Just wanted to share some of the interesting attachments I have.  If I get time I'll demo some of them as I learn to use them myself.


Pat said... have quite a collection there!

HOPE said...

What a FUN tour of Sewing History! A curio of history would be a neat conversation piece in your home!!

I know...waaay back..things were so PRETTY and DETAILED..guess that is why on my post...I even made me modern sewing box...pretty INSIDE with little additions of my own. Just inspires us!

Thanks for sharing..very interesting post!