Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Congrat's Dad and a Little Sewing :)

Congrat's to my Dad for selling one of his memory boxes on Etsy within an hour of posting it.  ;)  I told ya he's good. 

I know I've been quiet - ish, but it's only because I've been sewing.  Hubby's work is having a craft show the first weekend in December so I'm also preparing for that.  I don't do a lot of shows as I have little children and no whwere to put them when I'm gone!  :)  So I'm a little nervous but we shall see.

Working on a scrap quilt for our King Size bed...nothing terribly fancy but I wanted to whittle down my four massive scrap bins a bit.  Will show more pictures soon...

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HOPE said...

Oh dear...did you have to say WAIT...

Can't wait to SEE the scarp quilt..I've wanted to make one for sooo long. I have a lotta wantomakes..

Oh and happy for your dad!!!!

Happy Fall