Sunday, February 26, 2012

How I Make Quilt Labels and a Gift for a Friend

I don't know why I've never posted about this before!  In the past I have been really bad about adding labels to the back of my quilts.  The biggest reason is that with three small children at home I find that my sewing time is precious and limited, so by the time  get to the end of a project the last thing on my mind is labeling it.  But the more projects I make and the more people I end up giving quilts to the more I'd like to leave a record of who it was who made that quilt.  So here is how I do it...

You can get really creative with labels but I generally just make up something simple like this using muslin or other scraps from the quilt.

Then I roughly cut a piece of freezer and iron it to the back of the quilt to help stabilize the fabric for writing on.

I like to use these pens...I found mine at a local quilt shop but I have seen these at art supply stores (like Pat Catan's, Michaels, or Jo Ann Fabrics) or even Walmart.

Sometimes I'll go so far as to place a few lines on the freezer paper with a sharpie...

...when you turn the label over and hold it up to a window you can see the lines and keep your writing nice and neat.

You could draw pictures or use colors, but I just like to write my name, the date, and where I the label to set the ink, remove the freezer paper and stitch to the back of your quilt like an applique.  :)  That's just how I do it, for inquiring minds!

I also wanted to share this little Ipad case I made for a friend.  She told me the day before yesterday that she'd won an Ipad and asked me if I'd make her something to keep it in, and a pocket for the charger.  She said she liked pink, so this is what I came up with.  In retrospect I wish I'd made handles for it!  But I gave it to her yesterday so too late now...she seemed to really like it so that makes me happy!  :)

A few close ups of the buttons and front...

...the stitching was done in variegated pink thread.  That is all for today, now I'm off to stitch on that label and make some dinner.  I'm thinking barbecue hamburgers...on my little stovetop grilling pan...makes me excited for summer being around the corner and REAL grilled hamburgers!  Happy quilting!  ;)


DeAnna S. said...

Thanks for the tips on the quilt labels. I think they are important to add to all quilts...especially if they are personalized with the receiver's name, which makes it more special. Great little iPad case. You did a wonderful job.

Barb said...

I need to go back to easier labels. I used to do them with pens, then got fancy and started doing embroidered labels... then that got to be a chore and the labels stopped getting made.

Gotta do a baby boy one this week so thanks for the "reminder."