Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Making Progress...

I'm rethinking applique.  I took a class several years ago by a wonderful teacher in the area and learned the "starch and template" method.  It was my first experience with starch...in any form!  I am not from the generation that regularly starches clothing and I personally don't care for starching my fabric.  I'm a big fan of Best Press starch alternative for my sewing, as it does the job without all the mess.  In any case I became very discouraged because I pretty much STUNK at applique using starch.  I kept ironing in permanent sharp edges and it just looked awful.  Well I don't know why but I got a bug up my patoot to try it again, but I didn't have any starch in the house so I attempted just ironing to get a crease to make needle-turning easier.  YES!!!  This is my method!!!  Finally I found a way to applique that doesn't make it feel like drudgery and is FUN!  :)  So to make a long story longer...I am giving applique another shot...and here's my progress so far.

I still need quite a lot of practice but I'm thrilled.  I see lots more applique in my near future!!!  :)  This is a happy girl right here.  **(points to self)**

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HOPE said...

I love it... you are soo talented..and quit being so hard on YOU!!! I think you do fantastic work girl!!

and love the header..so pretty!!

sorry to have been absent..knee troubles..

Keep up the great work...I need to get busy!! with QUILTING