Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scrappy Log Cabin Topper and Redwork In Progress

I adore this little topper.  I think I might even like it more than that sawtooth star topper from last post.  These ones are going to be REALLY hard to part with, but I'm itching to buy some new fabric to Etsy.  :)  These are mainly scraps...

Here's a slightly closer view so you can see some of the quilting.  I love this paisley design because it goes with just about everything...though I think the next log cabin I do I'm going to do feathers.  I just love the way feathers wind around in a cabin block.

Oh and here's a little sneak of what I'm working on today.  Just finishing up the binding this afternoon.  This too is going on Etsy.  I made the center redwork block some time ago but it ended up being an abandoned project.  Sometimes the COOLEST things come from UFO's that were left for scraps.  :)  You know how I love those feathers too...  ;)

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Kimberly said...

love love.
I think fabric is good for the soul.