Monday, February 20, 2012

WIP and a Mini-Tutorial

Well this is what I have been working on the past few days...

I don't even know how it became this project!  I originally intended to make a larger version of the cabin table topper I put on Etsy and somehow this is what I got!  I started out making 8" log cabin blocks...but there wasn't enough contrast.  I had 16 log cabin blocks total and when I put them together you really couldn't see the log cabin pattern.  So I thought, what could I do with these blocks?  I'm not going to rip them and start again.  So I thought, well what the heck, lets see what happens when I cut them in half.

This is what I got!  NOW I can really see the light side and the dark side.  So I started playing with the halves...

...and got something that looked like this.  These are the dark halves of four of the cabins.  I then took the light halves and placed them around these four...

 ...and this is the block I ended up with!  It's sort of like a split nine patch or a disappearing nine patch...but with a log cabin block.  I KNOW I have seen this somewhere but can't for the life of me find a block name online, so if someone out there reading knows what this is called please let me know!  :)

I started this the day before yesterday so I would say it's pretty easy and quick to put together and you could have a lot of fun playing around with varying shades of fabric.  Fun!  :)

I have never done any bias vines before and I thought it would be fun to play with this quilt since it is mainly just scraps.  I got my first vine attatched this's a little wonkey but now that I've got a little practice I think the next one will be easier.  I used my washable marking pen to mark the vine.  You can see towards the end I got a little tight with that wave.  Oh well.  :)  I'm excited to add some leaves and flowers next...

I am not going to go through and give a thorough tutorial on how to make a log cabin because I just don't have time, but you can googles tons of free block patterns and I'm sure find one to suit your needs.  I will however give you the strip measurments I used for cutting to save you a little time...this is what I used to make 8" square log cabins...I made sixteen log cabin blocks and used them all to make the four blocks above in the wallhanging.

I first went through my bins and pulled light and dark scraps, pressed them, and cut them into two inch strips.  Then I cut...

From Light Cut:
16   2"x2"
16   3.5"x2"
16   5"x2"
16   6.5"x2"

From Dark Cut:
16   2"x2"
16   3.5"x2"
16   5"x2"
16   6.5"x2"
16   8"x8"

Hope that helps anyone wanting to make these!  If you have any questions just comment and I will try my best to help.  Make sure if you are a no-reply blogger that you leave me a way to contact you!  :)


Mimi said...

This is so cool!! I don't know what the pattern is called either but I would love to try it out too! Thanks for the mini tutorial.

Kimberly said...

Very fun!

LynCC said...

Hi there - I found your tutorial on Pinterest. This is a really neat effect. Thanks so much for sharing. :D

Jo said...

Log cabin with a difference