Monday, March 12, 2012

Cooking, Eating, Sewing...

I'll admit, I am not the greatest cook, but I am really working on it.  I've got two or three things down - I make a mean semi-home made stromboli, to die for BBQ pulled pork, spicey and creamy pumpkin roll, and I rock out a few great holiday cookies that gets the family talking and munching each year.  The only problem...I can't feed my family stromboli and pumpkin roll 365 days out of the year.  Lol*  So I yesterday I finally mustered up some courage and tried something new...something that didn't even end in "helper".  :)  I made fried chicken!!!

Now some of you pro's at cooking are probably rolling your eyes thinking, "really?", but this is a recipe I have always been afraid to try!  I am always quite nervous about not cooking the meat long enough and poisoning my family!  I've never really done much cooking with anything other than boneless skinless chicken breast or ground beef/turkey/pork so I'm awfully proud.  I made glazed carrots for the Husband and served cauliflower, carrots and ranch dip to lighten it up a little for me and the kids (who opted out of the dip).  The very best part?  EVERYONE ate it!  Lol*  It was so good, and I'm feeling very confident now!  :)  I won't be making it often due to the nearly 800 calories in each piece, lol*, but it will be a great once in a while addition to our menu.  

Tonight's experiment?  Baked BBQ chicken wings...wish me luck!


DeAnna S. said...

Congrats...Looks delish!. Fried chicken is such a wonderful comfort food. Good luck on tonight's dinner..sounds yummy.

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Ohhhh girl I hear ya!!!!! I tried fried chicken ONCE and the breading stuff just kept falling off. I sure wish I cook it like Colonel Sanders. lol