Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Kitchen Adventures and Working in the Garden

More cooking going on here.  My parents gave me a cast iron skillet that they don't use because I had been wanting one.  I was so thrilled not only to receive something that could be handed down to my children, but a skillet that had already been "broken in" and had a bit of seasoning to it!  I am discovering the very interesting and fun world of cast iron cooking...I have used my wonderful skillet nearly every day upon receiving it.  Here is a little picture of yesterday's experiment...

Corn bread!!!  Lol*  I am so fascinated by the fact that you can bake RIGHT in the skillet.  Lol*  The cornbread came out good but not sweet enough for my liking, so I will have to add a little more sugar next time.

In other happenings I've been spending most of my time outdoors.  Usually in this area we are still getting regular snow in March, so the temperatures of 75 and 80 we've been having are such a treat.  I've been spending every moment I can getting a head start on some of the outdoor spring cleanup.  Lots of painting and moving of brush...nothing exciting!  But keeping me busy! 

Here's a few random pictures, as I like ot add those.  The first bloom for the year in my garden...hyacinths...they are much more blue in real life.  Usually the daffodils flower first...what a wierd spring!!!

Tulips well on their way...these are one of my favorite flowers.  I cannot wait to see them bloom...

Irises would probably be my all time favorites...I have bunches of them all through the garden but these ones were the first to be planted when I started gardening.  This year I layered thick newspaper and mulch around them to see if we can't get those weeds under control.

More pictures soon...the baby calls!

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