Sunday, April 8, 2012

Disney Dresses

I guess now I can say that miracles DO happen!!!  Lol*  I don't know what has come over me, but I have been bitten by the dressmaking bug.  Oh heavens.  I think my Mother about fell out of her chair when I called her for help!  In the past I always saw dressmaking as sort of tedious and boring...and with three little girls at home I don't know why I didn't do this sooner!  But in any case I'm sure glad that I have found some joy in sewing clothing for my children, and now I'm OBSESSED!!!  Move over quilts, you have competition!  ;) 

Here's what I made for my daughters...the Ariel dress is for my oldest to wear at very first pillowcase dress!  This was SO much fun...I made this yesterday in between a TON of shopping and running around, so I can tell you they whip up in no time at all.  I made it longer for her because she is a bit older, and she's going to want to make sure everything is nice and covered and comfortable when sitting and riding rides.  I still may make a little pair of shorts to go underneath, I haven't decided.  If she wants to ride a carousel horse she'll need to be comfy too and in this dress that might be difficult.

 This one is princesses, sort of, and I made it for my middle daughter but not so much for Disney.  It was more of an experiment, to see if I could make it!  I didn't use patterns for either dress, I sort of just winged it.  The pillowcase dress is INSANELY simple so you definitely don't need a pattern for that...and this one I just made up as I went along.  I'm so happy with how it turned out!  My middle daughter has a princess themed party to attend in about a week...I cannot seem to find any of her old Disney princess costumes, so I think this will be an appropriate substitute!

 I found the most adorable buttons at walmart with pink castles, gowns, and crowns that say "princess"...but I decided just the lone stars looked best.  I just tied the ribbons on...I may change these in the future.  She wanted rapunzel but I couldn't find ANYTHING rapunzel to add to it, so she gets all the princesses.  Lol*  I'm really hoping at least one girl at the party comes in a party dress so Abbey won't feel left out!  I'm a little nervous about that.

 The crown was a $1 find in the bins at Jo-Anns and I found the septer at Dollar Tree...I think I may add some more princess ribbon to it and some dark purple ribbon so they match a bit more.

Yay, this was so fun!  I am off to get these girls ready for Easter breakfast with family and then come home to make more dresses!  Woohee!  :)

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