Monday, April 16, 2012

Sewing and Random Thoughts

Still having fun making dresses.  I made this little pillowcase dress and diaper cover set for Etsy...and I actually listed it!  I wanted in the worst way to swipe it for my youngest but I used a little self control.  Lol*  I forgot to take pictures of the princess dress I made my middle daughter...she decided to wear the new one instead of the one I made the other day and posted on here...the new one has actual princesses on it...therefore in her eyes, it was MUCH better.  Lol*  :)  She had a wonderful time at the princess party and was thrilled to wear her little dress.  I must tell you I was a little envious of some of the pretty new sparkly dresses some of the girls wore...but my daughter looked just sweet as could be and it made me happy to see the other little girls excited to point out the princesses on her dress and she felt perfectly comfortable and "in" with the group.  :)

Oh I truly wanted for this to be a longer post but the baby is crying.  Princesses come before blogging.  Lol*  :)  I will write some more later.

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