Friday, April 13, 2012

A Summery Summer Dress :)

Oh my I am having so much fun making dresses!  I can tell you I'm a pretty horrible sales person's why...this little dress began as something I was going to put on Etsy.  Of course, midway through I decided I couldn't part with it because it would look SO cute on my littlest daughter!!!  Yep.  Savvy entreprenour I am not.  Mild hoarder?  Yes probably.  :)  But my baby girl is gonna look SO darn cute!

Here's what I made her...

I made the little hair bow to match, I think it looks adorable clipped on the dress but still perfect to put in her hair...and I made a diaper cover!!!  I don't know why I'm so thrilled with that but I am.  This was so much fun.  My poor quilts are missing me.  I have quilt guild coming up and...ohmygosh I'll have nothing to show.  LOL*  Pooh!  LOL*  Oh well.  I'm having fun.  ;)  Hope all of you out there in blogland are too!

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