Monday, April 23, 2012

Wait, I thought this was a Quilting Blog?

I was posting away pictures of my latest project on Facebook this morning and a friend asked me if I blog...why yes, I blog, and as a matter of fact I didn't post any pictures on it of my new project yet!!!  Well, before I do I have to apologize to the current 169 subscribers through Blogger and whoever else might be reading...this post has nothing to do with quilting even though this IS technically a quilting blog.  Quilting is my tops the list of my all time favorite things to do next to cuddle with my three children.  (That's number one.)  Problem is I have something like 879 other hobbies that are really fun too!!!  I love anything creative.  (Like blogging.)  I like to write, I like to read, I like to talk, I like to make things, I like to grow things...I especially love to EAT things!  (Usually food.)  So I apologize to those of you who came here looking only for quilts...because I am having a harder and harder time keeping my mouth shut about all the other things I'm doing!  (Facebook and blogging become necessities when a stay at home Mom...stays at home.  What did stay at home Mothers do before the internet?  Drink?  Lol*)

Anyhow I've been busy.  I should be busy working on a pillowcase dress for my Husband's Aunt but I had to do an experiment first.  A cake.  A CAKE!!!  My littlest is turning one!  My cake lady is having a baby and pretty much out of commission for the year so I'm on my own.  I do have a back up...but you know I'm also cheap as heck (I must be with three kids at home) so I had to try to do it myself before going to someone else. 

The theme is...well...duh...Disney.  A particular mouse who dons a bow, usually polkadotted.  Here's a couple of progress pictures...

I made a four layer cake and it's been chilled in the fridge.  Now I'm off to attempt to cover it in fondant.  Woohee!!

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