Friday, June 15, 2012

Bonnie Hunter Woot!

Well I'm ready!  It's the night before!  Bonnie's trunk show is this evening and I'm just about packed for tomorrow morning's workshop.  Husband is babysitting (all three) children for the day...he's a brave brave Daddy.  I've heard so much about Bonnie's lectures, I'm SO looking forward to it.

I've cut everything out for my quilt, although I think I was paying closer attention to Bonnie's instructions than the one our program director wrote because I wasn't supposed to cut the four patches yet!  Whoops.  Oh well, I already know how to strip cut four patches, so I suppose it'll be alright.

Of course I have my basket of leaders and enders ready to go.  I gotta show Bonnie my ears are open and I'm listening, right?!  I have already sewn together about a hundred of them.  Lol*  I have this pile of another hundred or so to get through still!!!

So off I am!  Working on a few other projects but don't have anything interesting to show yet.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend out there in blogland.  :)

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Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Valerie,
I picked up on your excitement, but since I am not crafty, some of the things you wrote about seemed like a foreign language to me.

Happy sewing, and workshopping!