Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Custom Tote Order and Other Projects

A friend ordered this custom...it's similar to one I sold on Etsy.  I love how this turned out...the straps with the black underneath especially.  Love it!  It's been a while since I free motioned too and that was fun to do.  I have so many obligation projects right now that I'm just itching to play around and sew something for fun.  Pooh.  Oh well...can't complain when you have orders, right?!  ;)  For that I'm grateful. 

Spent last night hand quilting these cuties...

I thought they might make sweet little pillows.  I'd like to finish up my Bonnie quilt first though.  I don't think I've touched it since my last post.  Too busy with other projects.  Eek...not too much longer either!  Yay!  So excited!  OH - and look what I found!  In my Jinny Beyer Quilter's Album...

Hahaha, do I spy our quilt block?  Awesome!  In here it's listed as "Arrowhead" and gives some variations of the block and information on the different publications this block was offered in.  If you don't have the Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns by Jinney Beyer I tell ya you're missing out.  I have spent HOURS pouring over this book.  Not just for the quilt blocks but for all the information she gives on breaking down blocks to determine how to piece them or graph them or design them...lots of information in this book and lots and lots and lots of blocks to look over!  :) 

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