Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dentist Today, Teensy Weensy Star Blocks

I have had two cavities in my life.  One when I was very young, before my adult teeth had come in.  The second when I was 17 - and I had it filled.  When you're 17 you really don't care what the dentist does to you, so long as you get out of there quickly and it doesn't hurt.  So you know that for 14 years I had no idea that I had a silver filling?  I don't know what I thought it was, but I not silver.  Anyhow, it turned black over time - GROSS - and turns out that's normal!  Oh my goodness I had no idea, I thought my tooth was gonna fall right outta my head.  I literally was UP NIGHTS over this black circle in my tooth.  It hurt when I ate anything to pokey or sweet, and definitely hot or cold things.  So for sure, I was convinced I had this terrible, horrible, awful giant black cavity rotting away all my teeth.  Finally, on Monday, I woke up at 4 in the morning, my teeth bothering me and worried sick about this tooth...I started crying out of fear and my Husband broke down and called the dentist for me and made an apopintment.  Today I went.  Did I mention I'm a bit phobic about the dentist?  Big old hippocrite I am, making my children go see the dentist twice a year and I wouldn't go myself.  Well I'm so happy to say I can sleep easy tonight, as it turns out I don't have a single darn cavity (knock on wood) and my filling is just fine.  The dentist said it's ugly, but holding up fine.  LOL*  Here all this discomfort was just from sensitive teeth.  I had no idea that sensitivity could be such a pain!!!  In any case I could do a jig I'm so happy right now.

So after I drink a diet coke (with a lot less guilt) and have a candy bar...I'm gonna floss the heck outta those pearly whites and brush 'em up good.  I'm such a happy Momma today.  :)

Sewing wise I finished the four cornerstones for the border of my crow mini.  Oh they turned out so darn cute.  A little wonkey - with teensy paper piecing you have to be SUPER accurate and I was just sorta banging them out.  Isn't this sweet?

I wish I could have found a shinier penny or nickel!  LOL*  Oh well - I think it's about 2 or 2.5 inches finished.  I'll get the exact measurement later - sheesh - baby is hollaring for me.  ;)  Hope you are all staying cool.  It's in the 90's here and we all just came in from the sprinklers.  Wheeew!!!  I'ts SUMMER!


julieQ said...

Ok, you win...that is the cutest and tiniest star eve!!

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