Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Geese and a Little Budget Quilting

Finished the last two geese borders last night.  These strips don't look like much but they are time consuming.  Love my geese.  I think just about ALL quilts are better with geese!!!  :)  I made some flubs on one of the borders...lets see if anyone notices.  :)

I also did a bit of fabric shopping.  It was SO hot yesterday, I was starting to get crabby from the heat (ahem, and possibly from kids being home all day on summer vacation) by the time the Husband came home so right after dinner I headed over to Walmart to cool off and get out of the house.  Right now my focus is creating some nice quilts on a budget.  For the first time in ten years my Husband switched jobs last year.  It's a bit scary.  In any case with a new baby I didn't go back to babysitting so I don't have nearly the extra fabric spending money that I used to.  I've been selling my little quilts and things on Etsy for a little spending money and to use for holidays and birthdays...but I hadn't been replenishing my stash.  Anyhow, I designed another mini in EQ and needed black for it.  I have some TO DIE for Judy Rothermel black reproduction fabric but not enough for the project.  It's a couple years old so I went online to purchase more, and even at a discount the best price I could find on it was $10 a yard.  Eek.  I just can't do it right now.  Pooh.  So, last night I decided I'm going to make great quilts with the next best thing.  Believe it or not Walmart has some GREAT civil war style fabrics.  I spent $16 on 8 half yards...so a total of 4 yards of fabric that averaged about $4 per yard.  You can't even go to JoAnn's right now and get fabric for $4 a yard.  Last time I went and the cheapest thing I could find was $5.99.  Oy, cotton prices have really gone up haven't they?  Bonnie Hunter's visit also really inspired me to start looking for shirts that I can use in my quilts.  I used to do this all the time with my quilts!  Several shirts that I bought for my Husband that didn't fit ended up working their way into my quilts and are still in bits and pieces in my scrap bins. 

So it's a plan.  :)


Ruth said...

I never even look at the fabric in Walmart because I felt it was all junky, but I guess I will have to check it out. I am retired now and don't have as much $$ to spend on fabric. I also have an Etsy shop to help out in that area, but I'm always looking for a bargain on good quality fabric.

Teresa said...

I think your flying geese look perfect. I always admire pieced borders, but hardly ever think to make one. Our Walmart no longer carries fabric but there is a rumor going around that they are going to start carrying it again.