Monday, June 25, 2012

More Progress

Well this is where I'm at!  I started sewing the stars together but lopped off some points so I ripped and will have to try and find some time later to go back and square up to make sewing a little easier.  I have been having so much fun with this and enjoying the look so much that I think I might just keep adding pieced borders to it.  How fun is that?  Maybe a viney border with lots of green leaves.  As you can see LOTS of things to be put away on my sewing table.  Ugh.  Don't know if I'll ever get to sew!

Also had to show off this gorgeous folk art box my Dad is working on...isn't this beautiful?!

You are very talented Daddio.  Those colors are just amazing.  Hey - now that I look at them side by side...don't the colors in my little quilt almost match this litte box?  LOL*  HEY!  NICE!

Lookee there, this is my 297th post.  Guess I'll have to have a giveaway don't ya think?  Keep your eyes peeled.  ;)

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