Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why, clutter? Not me. Not at my house.

This is the other side of my kitchen, sorry in advance for the washed out photo.  Eek.  There's still a lot to be done in here decorating/fixing up wise.  We have lived in this house for 5 years but we've also been busy having babies and going to school and quitting school and that sort of thing!  So now that I'm home and it looks like I'm going to be home for a long time, I am on a mission to make the house pretty.  I'm going to put my oldest daughter to work too.  She's expressed interest in sewing for years, and honestly, we just haven't had time to sit down and do much more than a little hand stitching.  But I need decorations...and who better to piece some quilties for me!  Anyhow, I'm really good at going off topic.  I made this curtain to cover up the clutter behind it on the book case in the kitchen.  The kids keep their games, crafts, coloring books, markers, play dough and all of that in there.  But I seriously CANNOT stand to look at it all the time.  It was driving me nuts!  I had about three yards of that fabric there in my stash ... can you believe it was a $1.00 Goodwill find?  I still have about 3/4's of a yard left to quilt with.  SO happy!  I did a bit of speed sewing on my lil' workhorse to get it done.  It's nothing fancy but boy does it make it feel better in there...and look better too.  Blue wouldn't have been my first choice and eventually I'll swap it out for something else...but for now I'm happy.  :)

Oh and I changed out the centerpiece on the table.  My Mom loaned me this cake stand and cover for Emma's birthday but it was too small to fit the cake in.  Isn't it gorgeous?  While it waits to return to my Momma I'm swiping it for a display...shhh!!!  ;)

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HOPE said...

What is your decor THEME?

With your colors do you like Americana? are always soo creative so you shouldn't have any problem decorating!! I always look through magazines that come FREE from our library! Gleaning here and there ideas..little ones some don't even notice but me!

I found for homeschoolers..the bookcase is the most trouble.

Some have done like you...some get wicker baskets...some have put a Shutter in front like a door? idea..

I bet you end up QUILTING something fanstastic that will be like a WALLHANGING on a rod covering the "stuff"?? Maybe a SCHOOl theme with a lunch pail since it's in the kitchen! LOl

Can't wait to SEE more decorating.

THE GREATEST that of a MOM..investng in her CHILDREN's LIVES!!