Sunday, July 8, 2012

Advice and Opinions Needed Please!

Is anybody out there?  LOL*  Can you help me?  I am thrilled to be done with my middle daughter's dress, but now I have to tackle my oldest daughter's Ariel costume.  I picked up these fabrics...I always thought of Ariel as having sort of an aqua/blue tail and fins...but when I went online to look at other people's costumes I saw a LOT of green tails and fins!  What do you think of when you imagine Ariel?  Should I go with a greener fabric than this???  I was thinking maybe a combination of green down the tail and then the fin in the aqua blue with green sequin detail...or would you go with just the purple and aqua? 

Any thoughts?  Advice?  Opinons?  Suggestions? 

My daughter is 10 if that helps I better get this costume pretty spot on or she's gonna call me out on it!  She's "too old" in her opinion for Ariel...but since we're going to Disney she is willing to dress up.  LOL*  She has requested "clams" like Ariel has...working on a discreet and age appropriate way to add clams to her top!!!  LOL*


Vroomans' Quilts said...

It's been awhile since Ariel for me - so did a google search of images of disney ariel - that should give you an idea - in comparison to what I saw, I think you have a wonderful color.

paulette said...

I think your fabric is PERFECT!! I can't wait to see the clams...good luck with that!! haha

Garden Lily said...

I think the aqua is perfect, but I'd show them to your daughter first, to see if she agrees with how perfect they are. (The trick is in how the question is asked, I think.)

Purl Buttons said...

Never had a daughter, never had a sister, so I don't know much about girly stuff BUT I think the aqua is perfect. How about a bathing suit top with applique shells or maybe a tank top with same? Whatever the case, STRAPS because a day at Disney can involve all kinds of activity! Also, if she doesn't like the aqua, tulle in various shades of green would be an inexpensive way to "enhance" the aqua and might make an interesting sweepy finny effect.