Friday, July 13, 2012

Third Time's a Charm...Or Is it?

Eep!  Four days since I've posted - sheesh I was really on a groove there for a while wasn't I!  Well, I'm still sewing, although I haven't made tons of progress.  The Ariel dress is proving to be royal - and when I say royal, I mean, it's A ROYAL PAIN in the YOU KNOW WHAT.  LOL*  Mostly because of the fabrics I chose...and go figure, I strayed from the drections (smacks forehead) and totally screwed it up.  I cut the top once, twice, now three times.  LOL*  Um...Valerie, you might want to read the directions and FOLLOW them this time.  Eep.

Here's the first two attemps...not lookin' so hot there.

This is much better.  I have to pick up some sequin trim this afternoon or over the weekend.  I decided against actual clams.  LOL*  I'm going to attempt some sort of sequin decoration that may or may not look like clams.  LOL*  I might toss clams out the window altogther and tell dear daughter that she'll have to do without!  At this point, if I ever get this finished at all I'll be matter the bleepin' clams!!!

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Anonymous said...

You can do it! It looks great! If the clams are detachable, she can decide after she has the outfit on.