Thursday, August 30, 2012

Goodies in A Treadle Drawer Rambling

Well, some might call it junk.  Junk in a treadle drawer.

 Glorious glorious junk I say!  :)  This is actually what's LEFT inside of the drawers of this treadle I picked up several years ago.  Yep, that's pretty much how things go around here.  It took about three years go get around to cleaning it out.  I have kids ya know.  Lol*

Anyhow the drawers were stuffed FULL.  I pulled the attachments and goodies out...lots of patches, safety pins, sewing pins, hook and eye clasps...things like that.  To me this is just like buried treasure.  You just never know what you are going to find in there.  I'm the type to almost always buy little metal boxes of sewing machine attachments because I feel like I'm on a treasure hunt.  I have found some pretty neat bobbin shuttles, old bobbins, tons and tons of attachments to fit my old machines.  I even found a few very old pictures in the top drawer of this treadle...and I felt like they blonged to a Mother who owned this so I couldn't bare to remove them.  I left them in...and I will leave them there for good.  Everything else was cleaned out and sorted through and I'm feeling in the mood to get back to work on this machine.  All it needs is an oiling and a new belt.  That's the AMAZING thing about these old all metal machines.  They work forever.  They are simple enough I can work on it myself and not fear breaking it.  The more and more I find myself coming into these old machines the more I love them.  The more I realize why my generation has been called the "throw away" generation...

It REALLY hit me how different things are nowadays yesterday when my brand new washer arrived.  I have never had a new washer or a new dryer for that matter, and within a week both of ours went and since the Husband has finally gotten sick of buying me a used washer and dryer every six months, I finally talked him into buying new.  I love them!!!  But anyhow, my point was that my dryer arrived and it's computerized!!!  Holy cow - don't you just forsee lots of problems with these things in the future?  Very expensive computer repairs that people won't have the money for so they will just buy new washers and dryers and these babies will pile up...where?  Where will they all go?  It's just not the same.  Cost effective has won over quality.  It's kind of sad.  :(

So a lesson I am learning from somebody's Great Grandma's sewing machines.  There is something to be said for quality and efficiency...these sewing machines are things that you just don't throw away.

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