Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Overlock Stitch and Some Chatter

Do you know what all those little feet and attachments that came with your sewing machine are for?  Well, I know what some of mine are for.  I find it fascinating that many of my sewing friends have been avid sewers for YEARS, dare I say decades, and still have no clue what half of the feet for their machine do.  I'm on a bit of a personal mission to figure them out.  :)  After all...I paid a whopping $100 for my sewing machine, I want to get my money's worth!  LOL*  (As if I haven't from the hundreds of dollars I've saved making and selling quilts, crafts, and clothing!)

So if you haven't noticed, my Disney obsession has spawned me into a clothing making spree.  I haven't really made a lot of clothes since I was in high school, so in a lot of ways this is pretty new for me.  I have been sewing as long as I can remember...way back a bazillion years ago...ok maybe just 20 years ago, my Momma let me play in her stash and fiddle with her sewing machine.  She taught me about using a 5/8" seam, how to use a pattern, how to install zippers, and of course the value of a seam ripper.  She also taught me how to use her serger...boy oh boy, you don't know what you have until it's gone!  Let me tell you!  When I grew up and moved out I did a little bit of sewing, but it wasn't until about 7 years ago just before my second child was born that I discovered quilting and really started sewing on a daily basis.  Still, that was quilting, and anyone who sews can tell you that quilting and garment sewing are two very different sports.  I made a few costumes and the random outfit here and there for the kiddos but I am just now rediscovering an interest in making clothes. 

Why didn't I think long ago about making custom clothing for my children??!!!  I'm kicking myself now! 

Anyhow, because I didn't think I needed one, I never invested in a serger.  I know there are inexpensive versions out there...but remember, you're talking to the queen of thrift right now.  I figured why spend the money when I only make an outfit once a year...I'll just use Mom's serger.  Well now adays I have three kids and it's not so easy to run over to Mom's house to use the serger...and I don't have the money sitting around to buy a serger...so as I make more clothing a dilemma begins to form. 

Well what about all those feet in my attachment box?  They must do something.  What the heck did people do before sergers?  They used their sewing machines DUH!!!  So here is what I found...my sweet little inxpensive Simplicity Quilter's Classic makes a pretty nice little overlock stitch...isn't it pretty?  Holy cow I am thrilled!!!  Two different ways that I like to use it...like this...to finish an edge...

...or like this, to hem and finish off the raw edge at the same time.  Who knew?  I rubbed along the stitching to test it's durability...it's pretty darn secure!  Woohoo!  Sergers...pppffffbbbbt...who needs 'em.

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Richard Beman said...

I picked up a Singer #628 at the Goodwill today and I thought I was dreaming. It has metal gears and looks like it was used very little. The throat-plate doesn't even have a scratch where a needle may have been broken.. I think the "retro" turquoise color is fun. I wanted to share an "overcasting" tip with you. Find a number 22 "tophat" cam for your machine. Sold single on E-bay they are not cheap, but I find them in attachment kits for #620 (Golden Touch and Sew), with the overedge foot. That is a great addition for your #628 machine. I keep one on my #600 machine so I can easily overcast any fabric that frays easily- it's the best ( I don't want a serger).
Regards, Richard Ransom Beman