Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thrift Store Finds

I need another sewing machine like I need a hole in my head...and I'm NOT joking!  Yes, I brought home another sewing machine yesterday.  Yes, my Husband is still letting me live here.  LOL*

This machine isn't particularly valuable and I'm discovering I'm just a few models too late because this baby was born around the time that Singer started putting plastic in their machines.  These are the machines your Grandmother refused to buy because it was "inferior" to the all metal machines.  It has been called some nasty names around the vintage sewing machine circuit...the "Touch and Toss", "Touch and Torch", "Touch and Break" are all that have been thrown around generously in the 48 hours that I've owned it...but I'm pretty fond of the aqua face lil' bugger.  :)  It's a Singer Model 628 Touch and Sew.  From what I've read some of these have all metal gears and some have nylon gears...guess what I've got?

Nevermind the clutter...check out that machine!  Oh yes, and the cabinet that is probably worth more than the machine!  Lol*

Lol*  Nylon gears.  I'm ok with that.  I popped off the top and bottom to take a look and all the gears appear to be working well.  I don't know what it takes to wear a nylon gear out.  Lots of sewing?  Age?  Sewing denim?  Sewing lots of denim?  The reviews are all over the board...some love it some hate it.  Ehh, I think it's pretty cute.  I actually only bought it because of the table!!!  I don't have a Queen Anne style table!  Well...I guess I do now.  :)  In any case the machine was a bonus...it's just missing a power cord so I'm trying to get my hands on one or two (it's nice to have a back up) to see if the motor works.  A few have popped up since I've been looking and hopefully one will be on it's way by next week.  I've never had a machine that took cams before either so this will be fun to play with!

Here's the box of cams that came with it.  It has rubber feet so I could take it out of the cabinet and set it on the table but I had to take them off to get the bottom cover off.  (That's what's sitting in the lid of the box over there...my rubber feet and screws!

I cleaned out a few spiders nests from the bottom and there's a little rust on some of the outer metal parts but other than that it looks to be fine.  I literally CAN NOT WAIT for the power cord to get here...it's going to be like Christmas!!!  I hope it sews I hope it sews I hope it sews!

Oh and I also had to share this pattern I bought...it's a McCall pattern printed in 1949!!!  The envelope is falling apart but it's just very neat to look at and own  :)

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Richard Beman said...

Hello, I can agree that the 628 machine is a "fun "color.
It was the "transition" from the metal-geared 603
machine. Just be certain that you never lubricate the
plastic gears in any way. Just oil the specific metal
moving parts. Lubricating the gears (unlike metal
which need lubing), will hasten the "brake-down"
of the "poly/nylon" material the gears were made
from. New gears are available, and the new ones are
available in a nylon material that is "helical-cut", (at
an angle), which will provide a smoother sewing
experience, as well as a quieter one. That cabinet is
so beautiful... I am a bit jealous, I someday hope to
walk into a goodwill and find one for my 600e- the
"older, automatic sister to yours"...
All the best and enjoy your machine..Richard Beman