Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I'm Sewing

Here I am *waves* - still alive over here.  I'm sewing, as always, and almost daily.  Lately I've been really into sewing clothing though - namely - costumes!!!  I still love quilts, but isn't it always fun to do new things?

Here's what I've been making...

...playing with curly hems...holy cow this is fun and opens a whole world of sewing possibilities for me...and lots of clothing requests from the daughters.  Lol*  :)  This is leftover fabric from the rapunzel dress and the overlay from the ariel costume...I added fishing line to curl the hem and am playing with weights to get the best tightest curl.  I think this is just going to be a play dress up skirt since it was just practice really.

Pageant style swim wear...more leftover fabric.  Holy cow - oh squeeels this was fun!!!  I have like, a dozen ideas for costumey outfits and swim suits too.  I love sparkly shiny fabric.  :)

A few other things that I don't want to share on here as I don't like posting a lot of pictures of my kiddos.  But really cute stuff...having so much fun though, playing and experimenting!  :)

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