Monday, September 3, 2012

Belle Dress Finished!!

Sorry in advance for the crummy picture but I couldn't wait until morning and I had to use a flash...yuck!  But I sure do love that dress.  This was my attempt at a Belle dress without a pattern for the littlest daughter.  The tulle skirt is WAY too long and it's going to be so hot I don't know if she'll wear it, but we'll take it just in case.  This might be the winner for Halloween because if it's cold it will be a great dress I can layer under for her.  Not my best stitching, but I'm pretty excited with out it turned out, can't wait to dress her up in it!
I still haven't gotten to sew on my new sewing machine...the baby is still up and I'm just waiting for her to fall asleep.  Nothing like being knee deep in a project and hearing "MOOOOOooooooommmmmmmm!"  Most of my sewing happens during nap time or during the night when the kiddos are asleep.
Trying to get back into Etsy.  Doesn't it seem like I'm always saying that?  Life is so busy, seems I'm always finding other things to do.  The holidays are a comin' and a comin' up fast, so, I gotta make some extra money.  Back to the sewing machine.  :)  Here's my latest listing...

...these did really well last year.  Hoping I can sell a few more this year.  They were fun to make too!  :)

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