Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stroller Cover Set Tutorial - PART ONE

It's really chilly out in Northeast Ohio today!  Burrr!  Boy does that ever draw me to my sewing machine...

Two out of three children are sickies today, so I'm working on some projects.  :)

I had just under a yard of this Minnie fabric from Walmart that my Mom had given me in the stash.  It's prewashed, but before even ironing I laid it over the canopy of the stroller to measure.  No rulers - I just trimmed away fabric allowing for seam allowances.  Double or even triple your seam allownace for the curved front of the canopy to allow for an elastic casing.  I actually made it a little big at's much easier to take fabric away and much harder to add fabric back!

Roughly cut around the curve of the canopy front, don't forget seam allowances and elastic casing allowances.

My fabric was a bit short so I took some of the extra scraps and made extensions.

Attach extensions if you need them (to completely cover the canopy on either side) - be sure to use your serger or enclose seams so that you can throw the whole thing in the washer when your done without fraying.  Next add a casing around the curved part of the cover for elastic.

To measure elastic I just took some scrap I had laying around the house and matched it up with the top of the canopy.  Using a safety pin guide your elastic through the casing you just made.  When you've pulled it through to the point that the loose end is flush with the opening of the casing, stitch the elastic down.  Pull the remaining portion of elastic through to the other side.  I actually stopped off about an inch so that the elastic is just a bit shorter than I measured.  This will make the outer edge of the top of the cover just a tad smaller than the actual canopy, causing it to hug the canopy a bit and stay on snugly.

At this point you should have something that looks like this:

If I open it up, it looks like this:

My sickie baby is crying so Part Two will be up shortly!

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Niblet's mom said...

I love this! I am looking forward to finding out how you made the Mickey ears! I want to make some for my son's stroller!