Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"A Goal Without A Plan..."

"...Is Just a Wish."

I overheard this little tidbit of wisdom while resting on the sofa yesterday as my Husband flipped through channels on the television.  He stopped on a show about ex-NFL players and how 70 some odd percent of them go broke after they quit playing ball.  I don't remember who said it...all I remember is the picture of a stern looking man with his arms crossed looking at the camera and shaking his head in disapproval.  I closed my eyes at that moment to take a little snooze when I heard the words, and it was as if they jumped off the screen and fell into my lap to ponder.  Who knew football players, ex ones at that, carried with them such wisdoms and share it so freely!
I love this quote.  I love it like I have never loved any quote.  Isn't it just the truth?  The words really got my gears going and I started thinking about the goals I have had over the years.  I'm on a mission to make all my quilty goals reality.  All those things I've wanted or wished for or thought about...well they can't happen without a plan!!!  Right?  So I'm there.  I have my plan and my goals in place.  Now I'm FOCUSED!!!

To kick off my new found motivation...I have a secret project.  Oh secrets are the worst!  The WORST I tell you.  I hate keeping secrets because, as you might have guessed being that I am the owner of my very own blog...I like to share.  :)  I love to share what I'm working on!!!  But to reach my goals I must be a little secretive...and maybe I will be lucky enough that you will come back and visit me to see what it is...  :)

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scraphappy said...

What a great thought. Hope your planning turns your wishes into finished projects.