Monday, October 22, 2012

Another Sewing Machine?

Yep.  Another.  :)

The Husband picked this one up for me for Sweetest Day.  I'm feeling pretty loved.  :)  I have two belts coming in the mail any day - one for this machine and one for the Minnesota that's just sitting in my bedroom waiting for some attention.  For now though, I have sewing to do and both machines will be neglected for a bit.

A friend commissioned me to make a costume for her for a charity she does around the end of November.  It's a secret what she'll be, but it's fun I have to say, making the costume...and keeping me busy - but what's new there?

Quilty pictures coming very soon...  ;)


Kristie said...

I love that machine. Something about these older machines that I just can't get enough of. I just bougtht 2 older machines last week.

Mumzie said...

Love it! I love your blog and the fabrics you use to make the make me want to sew again, especially on that old machine. It's gorgeous. Yvonne