Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Little Bit About Quilting - GIVE AWAY!!!

I have received some really nice compliments about my quilting lately - thanks for the kindness quilting buddies!  I just wanted to show how I quilted this one.  I am not crazy about marking my quilts but I must say, when I do, the result is MUCH more consistent.
For this one I only marked the snowball blocks - it's 5" square finished so perfect for a design that is created on a square grid!  The first thing I did was grab my water soluble marking pen.  I learned a very hard lesson after spending HOURS laboring over a previous sample I created from this pattern - mark lightly and just what you need!  Using a small ruler I created a grid on my snowman face.

You can mark the little curves if it helps - but I found that they looked about the same for me whether I marked or not - so I marked one to show you, but didn't go on any further than this.

Then just stitch on the line!  I REALLY love that shiny look of polyester thread on white fabric.  Doesn't it make you think of snow?

The rest of the quilt was free motioned with a steady hand.  I love creating viney loopety loops with things thrown in between like holly leaves, hearts, or stars.  You can do just about any little thing with a loopety loop!
The lesson I learned the hard way?  Mark lightly with that water soluble marker - because my orange noses RAN from the water I used to remove them!  After making this quilt a few times I realized it's best to mark really light, then go back with just dabs of water on a q-tip to remove the ink.


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Love the quilting! And yes, the poly thread makes it look snowy too. Great job!

Kim said...

Your quilting is beautiful and the quilt is so cute! I've never used poly thread, will have to look into that. I've never used the water soluble pen, just kind of winged it because I am afraid it won't come out.

rvquilter said...

Thanks for the Qtip..tip!
I've had a few runs myself.
Love the snowman quilt and the quilting.
Thanks for a chance to win your pattern.

Silverthimble said...

This is the cutest pattern! I love it!